Burntr - FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the purpose?

We noticed a gap in the file sharing space, as a result we built an online, anonymous and safe way to share files with freinds and family without making accounts or worrying about it staying online forever.

How can I contact you?

If you have any questions/queries please email: mail@burntr.com

How anonymous & safe are my uploads?

We remove & rename the files uploaded. No uploads are stored anywhere else other then the primary server. All uploads are permanently deleted by the server after 5 minutes.

Who can see my uploads?

Nobody except you and the people you share the link with. Each link is randomized and hidden from public view unless shared. Uploaded files are also hidden from public view. Note: As long as someone has the url, they can see/download your file so be careful who you share the url with.

I want a file removed / DMCA Claim.

We will fullfill any claims to forcefully remove copyrighted/personal files from the Burntr servers, this can be done by emailing mail@burntr.com and providing the url link and reason for removal.

Why is there a max file size?

To ensure as many users as possible can use the service, we have capped the uploads to 20mb.

What can't I upload?

We do not allow ANY illegal content to be uploaded, doing so is a TOS violation. We may not catch it in the 5 minutes it's uploaded for, but it will be removed regardless. (See TOS/T&C for more).

I can't upload a specific file!

If youre file type is not uploading, it usually means it's a non-supported file type by our system. If you believe it's a safe file type, email us and let us know.

How anonymous am I?

We only utilise Google's Re-Captcha to ensure the service is the best it possible can. No other services are used. (See Cookies for more details. Note: Cookies shows a general blanket for services, but the only one used on burntr.com is Re-Captcha)